Popular YouTuber MrBeast traveled to Jamaica, El Salvador, and Argentina to donate 100 homes to families in need as part of his philanthropic efforts.

A family in need was living close to the summit of a mountain in Jamaica, but their home was unstable and might collapse at any time. A brand-new house took the place of the insecure, collapsing one. The new home was equipped with a tank for power and running water.

Every time it rained, the roof of the home of another Jamaican woman leaked, making it unsafe. Every year in El Salvador, flash flooding during the rainy season causes hundreds of homes to be destroyed by floods from a single river. A few miles away, in a safer neighbourhood, Mr. Beast and his crew constructed rows of houses. Families had to wait until the big reveal of their new homes while wearing blindfolds.

Along with building a soccer pitch for the neighbourhood kids to play on, Mr Beast and his team distributed Feastables bars to the kids in that same El Salvador village.

After that, the group travelled to Mexico and Argentina to construct homes for residents of underdeveloped areas. From there, homes were built in Colombia for family whose houses had been destroyed by a tornado.

In Colombia, the only way of transportation for another family broke down. Therefore, the staff gave them a brand-new motorbike in addition to the house. Every child in that village also received a bicycle.

Watch Mr Beast video below.