Privacy Policy

Safeguarding your privacy is serious business. mastermind & co. policy is simple: Except as provided in this statement, mastermind & co. will not disclose, sell or rent any personally identifiable information without proper consent. You, the mastermind & co. user, always have the final word on whether mastermind & co. knows who you are. It is your choice whether you wish to share personally identifiable information with mastermind & co. We encourage you to consider sharing information with only if you receive true value in exchange for that information.


Please use discretion when revealing personally identifiable information while using mastermind & co. tools, as it may be collected and used by unauthorized third parties. Such activities are beyond the control of In other words, if for some reason you post your home phone number in the comments (which, by the way, you should NOT do), you’re on your own.

Please take a minute to read our policy so that you understand your options, and how mastermind & co. collects, processes and shares information.


Does mastermind & co. supplement the information it collects?

mastermind & co. appends such third party data to each member’s record to understand demographics for a zip or postal code or set of zip/postal codes.


What are cookies and how does mastermind & co. use them?

The main function of cookies is to connect members with their stored account information so that mastermind & co. can deliver better and more personalized service. Cookies do not enable the mastermind & co. staff to access personally identifiable information that you haven’t already provided.

Read this article on Cookie Central for more information on Cookies.


How does mastermind & co. use member information? uses information collected from you and other members primarily to provide more personalized service and advertising, and to learn more about its audience demographic. mastermind & co. also collects market research data in order to generate sales to corporate clients. Market research data are always anonymous and are never used to sell anything to individual respondents based on their personal responses.


What information does mastermind & co. log?

mastermind & co. logs information automatically transmitted from your browser (URL of the Web page you were on before coming to, IP address and browser version); information you submit through registration, forms for optional programs, surveys and other entries; and communications transmitted through tools.


How does mastermind & co. secure collected information?

mastermind & co. makes every effort to make sure your information is secure. Extremely sensitive information, like credit card numbers, is always transmitted in encrypted form. Your mastermind & co. account is password-protected so that only you and authorized mastermind & co. employees can access your information.


With whom does mastermind & co. share information?

When you submit information to mastermind & co. it isn’t shared with anyone unless you opt-in for it.


What is mastermind & co. opt-in/out policy?

During registration you choose whether to receive correspondence from This information lives on your profile where you can, at any point, easily edit it to indicate that you have changed your mind. As for promotions, contests, submission opportunities and programs, you will not be included unless you opt-in.