In 1967, the Jackson 5, led by the King of Pop, recorded “Big Boy.”

Throughout his lengthy music career, Michael Jackson created a substantial amount of material. Despite fans assuming that every recording he participated in is available online due to his success, a significant piece of Jackson’s history remained offline until now.

After 56 years since Michael Jackson’s initial recording session, his debut song, “Big Boy,” recorded by The Jackson 5 at One-derful studios, will finally be digitally released for fans to enjoy on Thursday as part of a limited-edition release.

The Jackson 5’s inaugural song, “Big Boy,” featuring Michael Jackson’s voice, was recorded in 1967. Never available online or on streaming services, fans now have a limited-time chance to purchase it through anotherblock, a Swedish blockchain music company. Two options are available: a $25 package with the song, its B-side and stems, and a $100 version including those, plus files for nine more songs from the same session.

Michael Jackson’s enduring impact on popular music persists, evident in an ongoing biopic currently filming. Jaafar Jackson, his relative, has taken on the lead role, impressing fans with his appearance and dance skills in an early preview. The film’s release date remains uncertain as it is still in the early stages of production – stay tuned.