Frank Ocean, despite not releasing an album in the last seven years, recently surpassed 14 billion streams on Spotify, securing the title of the most-streamed independent artist ever, as reported by Frank Ocean Updates, a fan account on social media.

Excited fans celebrated this milestone in the comments, with many speculating about the possibility of Frank Ocean releasing a new album in the coming year. Some observed the intriguing pattern of his previous album releases, noting projects in 2012 and 2016, hinting at a potential release in 2024.

Frank is dropping next year since it’s a leap year too think ab it he dropped 2012, 2016, wouldve dropped in 2020 but tragedy happened, 2024 is a leap year too like,” they wrote. 

Despite Frank Ocean maintaining a low profile regarding new releases, he recently provided insight into his creative process. Earlier this month, he shared snippets of new music on social media, showcasing his musical talent and teasing a potential return to the spotlight. In one studio clip, Ocean enjoyed a collaborative session with Olaolu Slawn’s son, Beau, transitioning to him enthusiastically vibing to his latest creation, featuring his signature harmonies set against warm production.

Heightening the anticipation, Frank Ocean has made his acclaimed album “Blonde” available for purchase on vinyl through his official website. Fans eager to own this collector’s item, complete with a foldout for lyrics and a separate album poster, can acquire it for $65.

While the expectation for a new album remains high, Frank Ocean has occasionally teased fans with unreleased material. In November, he shared a snippet of an unnamed track, offering a glimpse into his introspective and melodic style.

Frank Ocean released his last studio album, “Blonde,” in 2016, followed by singles “Dear April” and “Cayendo” in 2020.