Slim Shady is 16 years clean!

On Saturday, April 20, Marshall Mathers showed his progress in his journey to sobriety with a straightforward Instagram post. He shared a photo of his Alcoholics Anonymous chip, indicating that he had reached his 16th year of sobriety. The chip featured a design portraying a tree with swirling artwork depicting the trunk and leaves, along with a triangle representing AA’s symbol and the number 16. Surrounding the triangle were the words “Unity,” “Service” and “Recovery.”

In the post, Eminem refrained from adding a comment, allowing the chip to speak on his behalf. However, numerous fans and well-known friends expressed their support for him as he celebrated 16 years of sobriety. His longtime manager Paul Rosenberg left a supportive message for him. “Sweet 16. So proud of you,” he wrote.

Other fans left comments discussing their own progress in their sobriety journeys, mirroring Eminem’s experience. “I got 7. This is so motivating.” a person commented. “Hell yeah! I’m going on 16 years myself man!” another fan commented.

Since 2008, Eminem has maintained sobriety. He has openly discussed his drug addiction in both his music and interviews. Following his sobriety, he released his first album, “Relapse,” in 2009, but it was on 2010’s “Recovery” where he candidly rapped about his struggles with addiction, featuring songs such as “Not Afraid,” “Going Through Changes,” and “Talkin’ 2 Myself.”

Having maintained over a decade of sobriety, Eminem continues to produce music that remains beloved by his fans.

Stay tuned.