Anish Edger’s early affinity for hip hop was shaped by the beats of 50 Cent, Eminem and Yogi B, influencing his journey into the world of music during his school days.

Growing up, gospel music surrounded him as he played percussion in church. His passion for music was sparked by his mother’s unrealized dreams, constrained by financial challenges. Despite difficulties, music became a pursuit, offering fulfillment beyond financial rewards.

Aside from music, Anish engages in cricket, basketball and football. Formerly in IT, his musical career is gaining momentum. Despite not being wealthy, the satisfaction of being an artist propels him forward.

Anish is currently involved in making singles. Also beatboxing for the band AMBASSA led by Arivu.

Anish mentioned that the inspiration behind his latest single, Bejare stems from his background, as he comes from a less privileged financial situation and it reflects his desire to advocate for the underprivileged and oppressed.

Despite financial challenges, his path is illuminated by supportive friends.

In his debut blog post, Anish expresses dedication to hip hop, with a hope to create music until time ceases on his watch. Join him in anticipating the growth of the independent hip hop scene, aiming to spotlight emerging artists. The voice of the voiceless will soon be resonating worldwide – stay tuned.