PVH Corp.,the owner of Tommy Hilfiger, has teamed up on a collaboration with DJ Khaled to reinvent the timeless golf polo. This partnership seeks to seamlessly blend fashion and sport, leveraging Tommy Hilfiger’s iconic American style with DJ Khaled’s innovative perspective. Together, they are infusing a modern twist into the realm of golfing apparel.

Hilfiger and Khaled have collaborated to create a creative vision that flawlessly combines the iconic American style and sophistication associated with Tommy Hilfiger. This partnership presents a modern perspective on conventional golf apparel, signalling a progression in the fusion of fashion and sports.

The resultant collection of polo shirts caters to men, women, and children, showcasing a harmonious fusion of Hilfiger’s timeless elegance and Khaled’s unique creativity. These exclusive polos will be available for purchase, starting Thursday, exclusively at WeTheBestStore.com and the We The Best flagship store located in Miami. This limited-edition collection promises to redefine golfing apparel with a touch of sophistication and modern flair.

“DJ Khaled’s energy is unmatched; he’s a creative force and we share a natural urge to disrupt the status quo,” said Tommy Hilfiger. “Throughout my career, I’ve worked with icons like Lewis Hamilton and Rafael Nadal who provided the inspiration to break conventions as we created collections that blend fashion and sport. This collection continues that legacy as Khaled reinterpreted ‘90’s colorblocking from his favourite archival pieces to rewrite the codes of golf.”

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