The football player, David Beckham and fashion designer, Victoria Beckham have amassed a substantial joint net worth.

If further evidence were required to prove that Victoria and David Beckham are a power couple in every sense of the word, their net worth is it.
With millions of internet followers, the duo possesses significant societal influence.
And even more amazing is their combined bank account balance.

David was raised in a working class household by a kitchen fitter father and a hairdresser mother.
He also makes fun of Victoria for not being as working class as she would like to believe, even if she doesn’t come from an extremely wealthy background.
Thus, the millions of dollars that Victoria and David Beckham have amassed in wealth are a genuine monument to their own diligence.

As a member of the Spice Girls, the most popular girl group of the 1990s, Victoria began her professional life.
Throughout their career, the Spice Girls sold over 100 million records, making them the best-selling female group in history.
Victoria continues to make money from her career as a pop singer even though she hasn’t performed in years.
Despite not being a member of the group’s tour in 2019, she received $1.2 from it.
Victoria was well-known back then for her outrageous and occasionally dubious wardrobe choices, especially her and David’s wedding attire, which was all purple.

However, she is now well acclaimed in the fashion industry, creating stylish, high-end products under the Victoria Beckham brand.
Her brand just debuted a beauty line, which has further boosted her earnings.
Victoria’s estimated net worth is in the neighbourhood of $70 million.
Her true wealth, however, is far more than that when you include her joint companies with her spouse and an extensive property portfolio.

David is regarded as one of the highest paid football players in history as well as one of the best of all time.
Upon his retirement in 2013, he had amassed an impressive $800 million in career earnings.
This was a result of receiving various sponsorship deals in addition to team salaries.
He has worked with companies including Pepsi, Adidas, Armani, and more over the years.
And even when his football career ended, these continued.

He became quite the businessman after stepping off the pitch, creating a company called DB Ventures. When he sold half of his shares in 2022 he made $230 million. Today the star has a net worth of $450 million.

While David has the most personal wealth, the power couple share everything and have a number of joint investments.

Their current $37 million mansion is part of their portfolio of luxury properties.
They also possess a huge farm that has a football pitch on it.
The pair also has a taste in expensive cars.
As a celebrity creative director for Range Rover, Victoria has really created several limited-edition models of the vehicle.
The personal vehicle collection of the Beckhams consists of several Maseratis, a Land Rover and an Aston Martin.
Very expensive works of art by artists like Damien Hirst and Banksy are among the other assets.
The bull’s heart made of silver is among the $45 million worth of items in the private collection.

The Beckhams have $514 million in personal fortune when all of their assets and money are pooled, comfortably placing them on the rich list.
Their net worth climbed by $25 million between 2022 and 2023.
Given the popularity of their most recent Netflix documentaries, Victoria and David Beckham’s wealth and the Beckham name are expected to continue growing.