Bryan “Birdman” Williams, known as the “#1 Stunna,” showcased high-end cars to New Orleans residents.

Birdman remembered that he became known as the “#1 Stunna” when a friend informed him about the stunts featured on the 1980s show MacGyver. And it clicked, I said, ‘I’m about to be the number-one stunna,” he said.

The rapper and entrepreneur stated that he desired to share the taste of his success with his hometown. “Back then, we ain’t really have shit,” he said. “I said I’m about to change our identity of how we look at … We might’ve had one car, with no AC, you know, n****s riding with the windows down. I didn’t understand why we had to have one car, one house.”

Birdman’s “bling bling” era, marked by his desire for more for his community, was initiated during a trip to New York. This era enabled him to purchase cars for the people in New Orleans.

“In New Orleans, we ain’t know nothing about none of that,” he said. “We ain’t know nothing about Rolls Royces and foreign whips. We wore Dickies suits, dope boys… that was normal for our city,” he said.

“I bought 50 whips for everybody. $15,000 was the maximum I spent for some of them, but a couple of my partners, I spent a little more, but yeah, everybody in the project that had a license, I bought them a car.”

Considering his reported net worth of $150 million, the substantial purchase likely didn’t significantly impact Birdman’s finances.

Watch the interview of Birdman below.