T-Pain, the Grammy Award-winning artist, producer, and global icon, released his newest single, “On This Hill.”

The new single is a powerful track from the diverse artist, focusing on self-love and standing up for oneself, and it showcases T-Pain’s vocal talent. Released during Mental Health Awareness Month, T-Pain has partnered with Talkspace to offer his fans free therapy for up to a year.

This song is really about refusing to be gaslit anymore,” said T-Pain. “It’s about coming to a realization that I have to stand up for myself. Over the years, that has just been something I’ve had to open my eyes to and learn how to deal with it. So yeah, I’ll die on this hill, ha!

Earlier this month, T-Pain shared surprising insights. He revealed that he initially had reservations about recording some of his biggest hits, including the chart-topping “Buy U a Drank,” which reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2007.

“I didn’t want to do ‘Freeze,’ I didn’t want to do ‘Buy U a Drank,’ I didn’t want to do most of the songs that are my biggest hits. Because, you know, I’m an artist,” he revealed. “Back then, when I got done with a song, I was always thinking, ‘People are going to like this,’ and not, ‘I like this.’”

Watch the mesmerizing video below, featuring T-Pain in a raw, fireside jam session in the middle of nowhere, exploring themes of vulnerability and renewal present in the song. Stay tuned.