Q-Tip, who was a founder of the hip-hop group A Tribe Called Quest, was presented with an honorary doctorate alongside jazz artist Ledisi and Puerto Rican bandleader Gilberto Santa Rosa.

The school acknowledged them for their “profound influence as artists, educators, and activists.” Tip was honored for his “forward-thinking artistic vision, which merges rap, jazz, and other styles with socially conscious lyrics, as well as for his impact as a producer, actor, educator, and cultural ambassador,” stated by Berklee.

Addressing over a thousand graduates at the commencement ceremony, the 54-year-old imparted some words of wisdom to the graduating class. “To choose this path [of the artist] is a courageous choice indeed. You are handed the task to be courageous in your personal lives, to find balance between intellect and instinct… to not let bad choices define you, but to refine you,” Q-Tip said.

He emphasized that accomplishments like these serve as “precious mantras . . . to remind you that you are worthy, and that you can do it. You got this!”

Following his 54th birthday celebration last month, Q-Tip, at the time, pledged to his fans that he is still actively working on new music.

Stay tuned.