Mary J. Blige, who debuted her illustrious career with 1992’s What’s the 411?, has released 14 albums. Her upcoming 15th LP could mark her final one.

In a recent interview, Blige disclosed that she is working on new music. “I’m actually in the studio right now recording more music, and I’m having fun,” Blige told the media. “I’m having fun no matter what happens.”

When asked about her creative inspirations, Blige shared, “I believe in love for myself, love for life, love for happiness, love for God, love for peace. Know that life is full of ups and downs, and roll with the punches because life is important.”

Finally, she revealed she’s working on her next studio album. While that’s exciting for fans, she also disclosed some bad news. “It’s probably my last studio album.”

Blige didn’t provide any information about the album’s potential arrival, indicating that work is still very much in progress. Her last studio album, Good Morning Gorgeous was released back in 2022.

Stay tuned.