Diddy’s demise is far from over. After the release of a graphic video showing him violently assaulting his ex-girlfriend and former Bad Boy Records singer Cassie, public support for him continues to plummet.

Many organizations, including his own company Revolt, have severed ties with Diddy. Now, people are calling for the removal of his professional accolades. Yesterday (May 25), it was revealed that discussions had started about removing his star from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. However,reports stated that the governing committee will not remove the physical landmark.

Despite widespread support for its removal, a Hollywood Chamber of Commerce spokesperson asserts in the outlet’s report, “the committee is unable to make the changes.”

The source took a moment to explain the powers of the committee. “[The committee can] nominate star recipients, manufacture and install stars upon city approval and conduct the Walk of Fame installation ceremony,” they said. “[However,] it lacks the authority to remove them.”

Public discourse has brought up other accolades of Diddy’s as well. During an appearance on media with New York City’s mayor Eric Adams revealed that he is “considering” revoking Diddy’s Key to the City, which was awarded in September 2023.

Stay tuned.