Cardi B never needed to learn how to drive when she was growing up. However, her lavish lifestyle has led her to own expensive cars, despite never having driven them.

Now, the mother of two is set on changing that. In an Instagram video, the Grammy winner was shown driving around her neighborhood, with her instructor guiding her as she starts this new journey toward independence.

What makes Cardi’s driving lessons unique is her choice of a luxury Rolls-Royce Cullinan SUV for her first experience behind the wheel. After the driving lesson, Cardi explained her decision to learn to drive at this point in her career. She revealed a personal reason for this choice, sharing that her therapist recommended adopting new, healthy habits to relieve stress and create balance in her hectic life.

“My therapist said I gotta pick up a healthy habit because she said that I’m too involved with, like, work and work is taking over my life,” Cardi confessed to her audience. “She said for an hour a day, I gotta pick up a healthy habit. One of the healthy habits that I’m picking is driving. So, today is my first day.”

Cardi B’s driving journey shows her readiness to leave her comfort zone and highlights the value of self-care and personal growth.