Every time Beyoncé takes action, it sparks a cultural shift!

Once again this year, she achieved all of that with the release of Cowboy Carter, the second act of her rumored Renaissance trilogy of albums. Cowboy Carter delves into Beyoncé’s southern heritage, rekindling connections with the Black voices integral to country music’s origins, while interweaving present-day artists to bridge the past and present. Additionally, it earned her the distinction of being the first Black woman to reach the summit of Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart.

She has also reaffirmed that Black artists are present in country music today, just as they were in the genre’s origins.

CNN FlashDocs will spotlight Beyonce’s latest country album, Cowboy Carter and its genre-shaping influence in an upcoming documentary titled Call Me Country. Media stated that the production will likely release later this month. Interviews with John and T.J. Osborne of Brothers Osborne, Rissi Palmer, Aaron Vance and Denitia are scheduled for inclusion.

The documentary will explore the “impact of how high-profile artists like Lil Nas X and Beyoncé are challenging the country music status quo and how Black artists in Nashville have been laying the foundation for this transformation for some time.”

Stay tuned.