Earlier this week, an auction house revealed an exciting opportunity for classic hip-hop enthusiasts and vintage memorabilia collectors. They announced the upcoming auction of a rare 2Pac item – a concert ticket signed by the rap legend. The show, which featured Digital Underground, occurred in 1992 at San Francisco’s Warfield, just months after the release of his debut album, 2Pacalypse Now.

The ticket’s value goes beyond its inherent appeal; it’s the signature that enhances its collectibility. The inscription “PEACE 2U 2PAC” adds rarity, catching the attention of hip-hop collectors. The auction, starting on January 26, holds uncertain bidding potential. Notably, a ring worn by 2pac fetched over $1 million in a previous auction last year.

Explore image of the ticket below.

Autographed Tupac ticket from 1992

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Recent months have seen frequent mentions of 2Pac in the news, sparked by a Las Vegas police raid last year linked to the investigation into his murder. This operation resulted in the arrest of Keefe D, who now faces charges in connection with the iconic rapper’s killing. Keefe has consistently participated in online interviews, revealing details about the case and his alleged role in it.

Keefe D, amid pre-trial drama, recently changed his legal team, pleading not guilty to accusations. He suggests online comments are exaggerated for entertainment.

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