Doja Cat clarified her target demographic on social media stating that she doesn’t want parents to bring their children to her concerts and for good reason.

“I don’t know what the f**k you think this is, but I don’t make music for children, so leave your kids at home, motherf**ker,” she shared. A separate tweet read, “I’m rapping about cum; why are you bringing your offspring to my show?”

She added, “Im rappin’ about eatin’ d**k and pissin’ on his V-cut. Leave your mistake at home.”

Over the years, Doja has consistently pushed the boundaries with her music, for better or worse. For instance, in the visuals for “Paint The Town Red,” the Los Angeles native cozied up with the Grim Reaper while crooning, “Mm, she the devil/ She a bad lil’ b**ch, she a rebel.” Elsewhere, “Demons” from Scarlet prompted devil-worshipping allegations, which she addressed during an interview with Apple Music’s Ebro Darden.

“I did it on purpose, and it’s this big ruse to make people react,” she said. “When the f**k did I say that I was a Satanist? Or even go marching outside the church? When the f**k did I say that? It’s really tacky and annoying and discredits a lot of the hard work that I’ve put in.”.

She is set to kick off the U.K. and European leg of her “The Scarlet Tour” in June of this year, with stops in Glasgow, Birmingham, London, Amsterdam, Paris, and Lisbon, among other cities.

Stay tuned.